What to do in Liberia

Near to the capital city Monrovia, Providence Island, is the place where freed American slaves first disembarked. The site has many great stories to tell about the slave trade, and the government plans to turn it into a historical attraction in the future.

If you want to explore Monrovia in its rawest form, head to the Waterside Market. Colourful textiles, shoes, pottery, and leather goods are found everywhere; just make sure your haggling skills are top-notch and don’t let the smell or noise scare you off.

Sapo National Park is the nation’s largest protected area of rainforest and covers 1,800 square kilometres. This biodiversity hotspot is located in the south of Liberia and has the greatest diversity of mammal species of any region in the world. In particular, it provides sanctuary for pygmy hippos and elephants.

Robertsport, named after Liberia’s first president Joseph Jenkins Roberts, is located 50 km north of Monrovia and is a surfers’ paradise with golden beaches, surf lodges, and body-boarding tourists.

Liberia’s National Museum has recently been renovated and has both photo and art exhibitions. You can find former President Roberts’ dining table as well as paintings and items representing Liberian tribal cultures.

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