Liberia Travel tips

Dos and don'ts in Liberia:

1- Do shake hands and smile sincerely when you meet people. Liberians are friendly and won’t understand if you’re conservative. A typical Liberian greeting amongst men is snapping your fingers.

2- If possible, resist giving money to beggars, as this only encourages more aggressive begging.

3- When given food, never refuse it. The best food is almost always given to visitors, so if you refuse food, Liberians will be very insulted.

4- Seatbelts are always mandatory, even in taxis. When you’re driving your own car, remember it’s against the law to drink and drive, or to talk on the phone whilst driving.

5- Road signs in English are only available on the main streets. All other streets will have to be found by asking people.

Cultural events in Liberia:

1- Independence Day has been celebrated annually on the 26th of July since 1847. Official events and parades take place in the capital city Monrovia and there are many parties in the rest of the country.

2- Thanksgiving is also celebrated in Liberia, as a result of freed slaves arriving from America. In contrast to the United States, in Liberia, it is celebrated on the first Thursday of November.

3- Every November in Monrovia’s Sports Stadium, Monrovia’s Children’s Festival brings together thousands of young people from Liberia to celebrate their country’s achievements. Interactive games, sports contests, live music, and celebrity performances mark the occasion.

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