Weather and Foods in Liberia

When to visit Liberia:
There are two seasons in Liberia: the rainy season from May to November and the dry season from December to April. Between April and mid-November, weather is hot, yet cloudy. There are frequent heavy rain showers. Between December and March, it is dry with hot days and cool nights. Temperatures range from 23° to 32° in Monrovia and are slightly higher inland.

What to eat in Liberia:
Rice is the staple food and is served along with several combinations of fish and vegetables. Some popular Liberian meals are palm butter (palm nut seedlings boiled and pounded), Jollof rice, and cassava leaf – a sauce made from the ground leaves of cassava simmered in a palm oil sauce. Rice bread and sweet potato pone are typical Liberian desserts. Coconut candy or milk candy are examples of Liberian sweets.

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